Darts is well known as a classic pub game. It is most popular in the United Kingdom, but it is also popular in the Commonwealth, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, the United States, Scandinavian countries, and other countries.

However, it is currently a professional competitive sport with a number of great darts players.

Professional darts, like soccer or “football,” is a game that is significantly more popular in Europe and Asia than in the United States.

While both soft tip and steel tip dartboards can be found in several bars and restaurants around the United States, it is significantly more popular in Europe and portions of Asia!

You can see a lot more European players making the list than Americans! So, without diverting from our objective, here are the greatest darts players of all time!

Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen, a young Dutch professional darts player, is the current world number one darts player and the finest kid on this list. He began playing darts at the age of 13 and rapidly became known as a darts prodigy.

In his early days, he shown a significant improvement in his skills, rising from world number 38 at the start of 2012 to number 4 at the start of 2013.

At the age of 24, Gerwen became the youngest darts player to win the PDC World Championship. In the 2015 final, he defeated Peter Wright to win his maiden UK Open championship.

Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow was a darts player from England. He won ten BDO majors in his career, including five World Championships. He was the darts king during the 1970s and 1980s, and his play style was a fan favourite. Bristow would have had a far longer and more successful career if he hadn’t been injured.

However, while his career was still active, he was the game’s most dominant player. Bristow, a darts pioneer, died of a heart attack while attending a Premier League Darts match a few years ago.

Raymond van Barneveld

Raymond van Barneveld, a Dutch professional darts player, is the most successful Dutch darts player in history and one of the finest in the world.

He was instrumental in the rise of darts in the Netherlands and is currently a member of the Professional Darts Corporation.

He is also a previous Las Vegas Desert Classic champion and a two-time UK Open champion. Barneveld has won two World Masters titles and the World Darts Trophy, and he is now the Premier League Darts champion.

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor, the greatest darts player of all time at the present, is a retired English darts player.

Phil Taylor has a record-breaking 79 PDC major titles in his career. Among them are 14 World Championships (including eight in a row), 16 World Matchplay titles, 11 World Grand Prix titles, six Premier League titles, and five UK Open titles.

Taylor has reached 19 World Championship finals in 25 career appearances. MVG, on the other hand, has only made the finals five times in 13 appearances. Taylor ruled the darting world from 1990, when he won his first professional title, until his retirement in 2018.