Fans and media representatives have debated the possibility of darts as an Olympic sport for years. Since darts is officially a sport, many players believe it should be on the Olympic stage. Darts is not currently an Olympic sport, and there are no plans to include darts in the upcoming Olympics. Still, as the competition grows, the number of requests to add darts to the Summer Olympics is unlikely to decrease.

Since the World Darts Federation is considered the official governing body of the sport in the United States and the Professional Darts Corporation is the official governing body of the sport in the United Kingdom, participation in the Olympics would place both organisations under Olympic control. The World Darts Federation is honoured to become a full member of the Global Association of International Sports Federations, the umbrella organisation for all Olympic and non-Olympic sports worldwide. Although darts has gained notoriety as a bar game, darts is played professionally in over 70 countries and is recognised by the Global Association of International Sports Federations. The World Darts Federation is also responsible for promoting and seeking due recognition of darts as a legal sport. Modern darts competitions are regulated and organised by the highest level World Darts Federation.

The game has been the subject of heated debate for a place in the Olympics for several years now, but we have yet to see it appear in arguably the world’s largest sports arena. Someday in the future, darts may make it to the Olympics, but until then, it is still one of the most popular and challenging games to be found in many recreation centres, bars, pubs and family arcades. With over 100 million players worldwide, darts is one of the most popular sports that has yet to reach the most significant sports scene globally.

With countless professional competitions worldwide and even college scholarship opportunities, darts are too big for the Olympics. The British Darts Organisation has 70 member countries, and millions of people play darts every day; there is even talk of giving darts Olympic status. This means that millions of people could have hope of becoming Olympians if the darts team gets a place at the Olympics. Regardless of gender, age or fitness level, almost anyone can play darts. If the IOC made darts an official Olympic sport, millions of people worldwide could suddenly have the ambition to become Olympians.

The world of sports is evolving, its Olympics are developing, and I want to see darts at the Games. As time goes on, the Olympics become and perhaps it is time for the Olympics to see and appreciate darts and give it the recognition it deserves. I hope you find this article interesting; I hope the divisions between darts organisations can be overcome and darts can continue to expand worldwide. I think darts would be a great addition to the roster of Olympic sports.