Three-time world darts champion John Lowe received a New Year’s Honours MBE for darts and charity service. In addition to his world title and landmark achievement at Nine Darts, John Lowe has two World Masters titles, two British Open titles, two British Match Play titles, two World Singles titles and three Champions League singles and captained England seven times. The British Darts remained unbeaten during incredible success as long as Lowe led the force. John Lowe is one of only six players to have won three or more World Cups and the first in three different decades to win a World Cup; along with Phil Taylor, he’s still making it happen, One of only two players.

Lawe’s titles and accomplishments span a nearly forty-year career, but he is also best known for being the first player to reach the television nine-darter milestone (in 1984). John was the first to record a perfect nine-dart score on television, earning him a staggering 102,000 HP for his efforts. During the MFI World Match Play Championship, John Low won the game with 9,501 darts, the first in such a recorded televised competition. John promotes darts worldwide as part of Team Unicorn, and as part of this activity, a darts festival will be held in Barbados at the end of the year. His autobiography is a candid account of my life playing darts.

Old Stoneface book was John Lowe’s first attempt at an autobiography and took my story to 1987. One of the elite darts players who became a three-time world champion, darts legend John Low has three decades of victories in 1979, 1987 and 1993. In the 1980s, John Lowe was undeniably one of the top stars of darts due to the many accomplishments he managed to win during that period, namely three times world champion in 1979, 1987 and 1993. in the 1970s and 1980s, which faced the likes of Eric, as mentioned earlier, Bristow and Jocky Wilson, Lowe was a formidable darts opponent with undeniable success.

Lowe caught the flu during the quarter-finals and the 1984 World Darts Championships, but he wasn’t very sure he could live with Eric Bristow at the time. Bristol vs Lowe may have been a disappointment in drama, but another semi-final certainly made up for it. The MBE arrived at the end of the year when great contender Eric Bristow (MBE) died, and darts legend John Lowe added that it was a touching moment to be recognised next to his close friend, who won the MBE in 1989. At the end of 2007, after becoming one of the founding players in the darts division, he reached the semi-finals of the World Championships, World Match Play and World Grand Prix.